Loan & Payments Management System for SACCOS and Micro Finance companies

Problem Statement: Small finance companies and SACCOS often manage their loans and payments against loan on paper or excel sheets. Managing all incoming transactions and processed loans become a challenge for these companies over the period, especially once data starts growing. Companies don’t have clear visibility about the existing loans, payments received and closed loans. Also, it become difficult to reconcile the details and generate the reports.

Solution: Redian Software’s solution for loan & payments management offers 360-degree customer profiling, loans, and transactions management. Using our solution, finance companies can better track the data, notify customers, and get better reporting for their business.

Redian’s affordable Loan Management System offers essential features for managing loans, repayments and all other loan related task. With our system SACCOs and Micro Finance companies will streamline their end to end financing system at lowest cost with highest efficiency.

We provide features such as:

  • Loans, Customer, Guarantors and Collateral Management
  • Interest Calculation
  • Auto Instalment Generation
  • Repayments & Transactions Management with M-Pesa Integration
  • Branches Management
  • Alerts & Notifications on SMS & Email
  • Customer Dashboard
  • Reports & Analytics

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