Redian Software participated in Zoho Partners’ events in Nairobi, Kenya

Zoho Inspire, held at the prestigious JW Marriott Nairobi, marked a significant milestone as it made its debut in Kenya. As Zoho partners, we found ourselves immersed in a dynamic atmosphere pulsating with inspiration, learning, and collaboration within the vibrant Zoho ecosystem.

The event kicked off with Mr. Veerakumar leading the charge in the business updates and innovation segment, where we learned of the remarkable achievement of engaging with over 2500 partners in the Zoho network. This set the tone for a day filled with invaluable insights.

One highlight was Miss Tonia’s discussion on strategies tailored to empower partners in effectively tapping into the mid-size and large enterprises market in Kenya. Her expertise shed light on new avenues for growth and expansion within our local landscape.

Ajeet Bala’s session on partner presales and solutions was particularly enlightening. Through practical tips and guidelines, we gained a deeper understanding of how to navigate the intricacies of pre-sales processes, equipping us with the tools needed to better serve our clients.

Mr. Simphiwe’s insights on implementation strategies for customers provided a roadmap for overcoming challenges and delivering seamless solutions. His expertise illuminated the path forward, ensuring that we are well-prepared to address the diverse needs of our clientele.

The exploration of operations and partner tiering system, led by our guide, offered invaluable strategies for driving success and revenue growth in real-time. This segment provided a comprehensive framework for optimizing our operations and maximizing our potential within the Zoho ecosystem.

Lastly, Mary’s session on account expansion strategies was a fitting conclusion to the day’s proceedings. Her expertise in this area provided us with actionable insights to foster long-term relationships and drive sustainable growth within our existing client base.

Zoho Partner Technical Workshop in Nairobi 2024

In addition to the main event, Zoho treated us to a partner technical workshop at the Hyatt Regency, spanning two days. True to their theme of education, Zoho delivered a comprehensive learning experience. On day one, we delved into Zoho CRM, exploring the use of cadences and kiosks, and learned how to generate access and refresh tokens for API integrations with Zoho.

Day two was equally enriching, focusing on using Python’s request module to create tickets in Zoho Desk. A detailed step-by-step illustration by Simphiwe Fakude demonstrated how to create widgets and integrate them into Zoho Creator. Our development team was also awarded certificates of attendance, a testament to the knowledge and skills gained during the workshop.

In summary, Zoho Inspire was not just an event; it was a catalyst for growth, innovation, and collaboration. As Zoho partners, we leave with a renewed sense of purpose and a wealth of knowledge to propel us forward in our journey towards success.

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