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What we do

Our wide range of service offerings reaches out to the domains of custom software development, mobile applications, and fine-tuned CRM services & solutions.

Mobile App Development

In a world dominated by smart phones and tablets, mobile apps have become a critical part of today’s business. Mobile applications have contributed to almost every aspect of our lives.

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Web Development

We have the expertise to build static, dynamic, CMS website, E-commerce website, educational, travel and more. Using the latest and advanced technologies our yearly

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CRM Development

Redian Software has a long and with profound aptitude in building custom CRM software applications for the various segment like health care, education, insurance, Travel and numerous ….

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Recent updates

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Custom Validation Messages in SuiteCRM

If you ever have the need to fine tune the the validation messages in SuiteCRM then Custom Validation Message is the right tool for you. Know more about the extension – Click Here


Twilio SuiteCRM extension

Redian Software has developed extension to connect SuiteCRM with Twilio. Twilio SMS extension allows you to send SMS (leads, contacts, employees, prospects, users accounts) and receive ( from Twilio) with details such as message, date and time of SMS, status, etc. The Benefits / Key Features of SMS module Allow you to effectively communicate through […]

Our CEO at Whizdom Innovation & Startup Summit

Mr. Pavan Verma, CEO – Redian Software was invited by Whizdom India at Innovation & Startup Summit organised at Bennett University, Greater Noida, India. In direct interaction with the students at summit, he summarised his entrepreneurship journey, challenges and how he managed to build a sustainable business.

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