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Cutting Edge Solution for Travel Companies

Travelling is one of the fascinating hobbies that everyone has. Be it a short weekend tour or a long holiday or sometimes just an adventurous tour to explore new places people from across the world travel more often than earlier times. As the world is changing and technology is developing with each passing day travel companies also take things don’t leave any stone unturned to provide the best customer services to the travellers.

Having a website is not an uncommon thing today for any company be it a travel or any other product or services. But using it as an important tool for B2C is definitely something that one must know about. In today’s busy life how often people visit travel company offices and search for tour details? The answer is ten in a million. The rest of the mass go online to search for an itinerary, tour cost, hotels, cars and finally air tickets. Many a company these days opt for such cutting edge solution that gives the company immense opportunity to make things easier for the customers.

Talking about the cutting edge solution for travel companies it surely depicts the one stop IT solution for the companies that help the agencies to connect with their customers in smoother and easier way now. From itinerary to bookings anything and everything are just a click away.
A number of cutting edge solutions for travel technology can be listed as follows:

  • E-commerce solution
  • Customer relationship management
  • Hotel Booking Engine support
  • Sub Agency modules for the booking for sub-agencies in travel industry
  • For air ticketing, there are modules like GDS and LLC that stand for Global Distribution System and Low-Cost Carrier respectively.

All these and more solutions are widely used by the travel companies to make better B2C communication. These cutting edge solutions in travel technology allows the customers to book from air tickets to hotels, cars including parking costs and so on through online services.
As mentioned earlier that air ticketing solution can also be a big support. There are a number of air ticketing modules available such as Sabre, Galileo and Amadeus and such. These modules are vastly used by the travel companies so that customers can easily buy air tickets online and take their tours freely. Buying tickets, web check-in, seat selection and many other things are there that we often do from home before heading towards our journey. All these solutions help the travel companies to make things much easier for the customers.
These solutions, especially Galileo also has the provision of hotel booking apart from air ticketing. So this will help the travel company to connect not only with the customers but also other businesses like hotels, vehicle companies, ticketing services and such. Travelling is the most favourite and common activities among people have developed a lot in past few years. One of the main reasons is definitely the cutting edge solutions for travel companies that are available today. They not only help companies to build a greater connection with customers but also open wide opportunities to expand the business.

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