The modern insurance model: Insurance Web Aggregator

Value addition by Insurance web aggregators to Customers

  • Time saving model: By offering all the information under one web page, the web aggregator saves the time of the consumer to visit multiple websites.
  • Ease in comparison: Insurance aggregators make sure that the customers does not have to go back and forth to compare the policy plans, thus, the facility to compare the plans of multiple insurance providers is made available on the insurance aggregator webpages to ease the comparison for the customers.
  • Cuts the unnecessary engagements: Let us consider the situation where you have to go from site to site to choose the best insurance plan for you. The basic series of process begins from landing on the page, providing your contact information and then exploring policy option. In such a scenario, you might end up getting a call from multiple sales executives with their pitches. However, in case of insurance web aggregators, one does not need to provide its number to multiple salesmen and does not need to attend the calls from the same, each and every query and requirement can be attended by one sales individual only.
  • Information Security: Insurance aggregators stand by the moto of protecting the valuable information such as phone numbers, email id and other details of its customers. It also eliminates the need to feed in your personal information in multiple platforms.

Value addition by Insurance web aggregators to Underwriter

  • Visibility: The web aggregator provides the information about services of all, be it a well renowned insurance company or a less popular one. Thus, it benefits the smaller organizations by providing the visibility.
  • Boosts the sales of the company: An insurance web aggregator as compared to a company’s individual webpage has more credibility in the eyes of the consumers. The probability of gaining sales from insurance aggregator web pages in comparatively more.
  • Better product development: The products and services can be developed in a more efficient way if it can be compared to that of the competitors. The aggregators by providing offerings off all the existing insurance companies makes it easier for upcoming ones to create customer friendly insurance plans and policies.
  • Cost advantage: the web aggregator avenue helps in saving the cost on various operational costs, this can be utilised by reducing the price of the products and gaining a cheap product advantage over ithers.

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