SuiteCRM has become one of the most successful open source CRM software in the market. Many companies are trying to migrate from the other CRMs to the SuiteCRM. Transferring the data from one CRM to another is not an easy task to handle. However, at the Redian Software, we try and make the process as easy as possible for our customers. The method of data migration may differ from CRM to CRM.
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Data Analysis

The first thing that is done is the analysis of the application given by the client and the data they want to migrate to the SuiteCRM. This helps us in deciding the procedure that will be used to migrate the data to the SuiteCRM efficiently. The next step is the analysis of the data that has to be migrated. The unnecessary information needs to be removed, and only the necessary data should be migrated.


The next step is to extract the data, transform it and load it into the SuiteCRM database. This procedure is the most important procedure and needs a lot of accuracies. There are places where the ETL tools might not work. Hence a custom migration script has to be written to continue.

Data validation & Backup

The next step is getting all the work validated by the client. In this step, all the issues of the client are taken into notice and corrected.

The database can sometimes get deleted due to some technical issues. Hence the copy of the database is made to deal with this problem efficiently.

UAT and Testing

The data that has been migrated is tested. Everything is checked to see whether there are any issues in the function of the data.

  • SugarCRM to SuiteCRM
  • Salesforce to SuiteCRM
  • vTiger to SuiteCRM
  • Pipedrive to SuiteCRM
  • Daylite to SuiteCRM
  • Zoho to SuiteCRM
  • MS-Dynamics to SuiteCRM

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