SAP S/4 HANA  serves the digital world with the in-memory database, and redian acknowledges this promise of SAP in the most digitalized way.

It helps run enterprise resources digitally.  HANA covers all processes of an enterprise, i.e., .order to cash, procure to play, plan to play, request to service, and core capabilities.

Why Do You Need SAP S/4 Hana

  • SAP serves with an in-memory database and allows its customers to work for real-time data.
  • It provides a column-oriented approach to analyzing data.
  • It reduces complexity in data storage and increases reporting speed.
  • We work with the Cloud edition of SAP S/4  HANA.

Our SAP S/4 Hana Services

SAP S/4 HANA implementation – We help organizations to move to SAP S4 HANA. Our implementation uses various deployment techniques. Sizing of workload and hardware along with great features provided by SAP, we help shape business.

SAP S/4 HANA Migration – With the help of SAP DATA services (SAP DS )and SAP DATA MIGRATION content, we help our customers in safe migration. We cordially follow data validation, value conversion, simulation, and execution. 

SAP Support –  To ensure control of Sap over its products that are used by customers, we stand with SAP to provide support for its solutions. Our SAP Consultants make our service reliable and the reason we get opportunities to serve our SAP clients.

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