A Cloud-based software company owning the customer relationship management is winning the tech world with its fantastic service.

Salesforce  is independent of customer location and gives reliable customer service. It is the original software to increase sales. It is a reliable company holding and controlling various services like financing, healthcare, life sciences, retail, manufacturing, and customer goods.

We, at redian, have a diligent team of Salesforce CRM developers and, with our new systematic approach, provide our customers with tasks and case management.


The salesforce is a diverged company providing software as a service on demand.

It provides proper networking to customers as well as clients and is a collaboration of software, hardware, and networked platform.

Various services such as Salesforce chatter, Sales cloud, and Service cloud applications help increase customer base.

Our services in Salesforce

SALES CLOUD –We help close deals with our sales cloud, thus help companies to focus on productivity without having to think about software or hardware.

Prevent manual tasks and allowing access to data on any device.

SERVICE CLOUD –¬†Building robust service solutions for our customers.

DATA MANAGEMENT PLATFORM РCapture , unify and manage customer data .

COMMERCE CLOUD – With the ease in leading B2B as well as B2C companies helps build customer satisfaction.

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