Redian Software Signed a Deal With a Bank in Cameroon To Deploy and Maintain Core Banking System

Redian Software Core Banking System

Redian Software is one of the leading IT systems providers across Africa, Middle East, USA and UK with our cutting-edge technology solutions for banking insurance and financial services.

Redian Software has always been committed to bringing banking services to the doorstep with the help of our modern digital banking system, developing robust and resilient IT infrastructure.

“Our purpose is not to provide the software to the banks, insurance and financial services companies but to make them utilize the systems at an optimal level. We are building resilient IT infrastructure in Africa with our upcoming Data Centre dedicated to financial services.”

“We make sure that our systems have 100% uptime with the best speed and performance, so that customers of our client banks use the systems flawlessly, at any time and from anywhere.” added the Redian CEO, Pavan Verma.

Africa is one of the key markets, we continue to evolve with rapid changes that are taking place across the globe. #Africa deserves to have best-in-class technology not just in the form of mobile wallets, but a robust banking system and we are happy that Redian Software Global is leading it.” said Ketan Nagrecha, Head of BFSI Sales at Redian Software.

“We have a strong commitment to the BFSI sector and will continue to strive” said COO, Arunesh Beri.

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