With the ease of coding outside JAVA, Node.js eases coding.

A platform built on Chrome’s javascript runtime for building fast and scalable network applications that run across distributed devices.

Why Node.js ?

Node JS  works on a single thread and on using non-blocking I/O calls allows it to support thousands of concurrent connections held in the event loop.

With nodejs, a bunch of applications can be built instead of a single substantial form, thus providing easy maintenance.

It provides ease in hosting.

With a great balance of request and response time, nodejs helps build customers.

Nodejs controls traffic time with the help of minimal CPU utilization.

Why choose Redian Software for Node.JS Development

Node.js Requirement Gathering

We enlist all the requirements of our customers and with the help of our specialist team of consultants, guide them throughout the development process.

Node.Js Api Development

To effectively communicate and transfer information, we create API with NODEJS and MONGO DB.

Web Development

We tend to handle customer requirements by building scalable and high performing enterprise-oriented Web development services.

Node.Js Applications

Our developers work to make node js application work in a non-blocking manner to handle a large number of connections simultaneously.

Collaboration Of Different Frameworks & Apis

Boosted efforts from different framework including Hapi.js, Socket.io, Express.js along with javascript and j query.

Our Featured Clients

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