Essentially, MEAN Stack is a bundle of Software of most proficient JavaScript-based technology platform, and it is widely used as a weapon of developers to build a hybrid app in a short span of time. MEAN is the acronym of the four most used Softwares that are used to create any website or an app, namely– MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js and Node.js. In a simple sentence, MEAN stack web development is nothing but a mere rearrangement of codes for switching the base platform of any app from Linux OS to JavaScript runtime that brings in the Node.js. It is the new advanced technology in the enterprise market. It is easy to use and runs faster than any other technology. We, at Redian Software, are using the new MEAN stack technology to build up the proper Full stack technology. With the help of the MEAN stack development, we will have the flexibility and ease in making the world-class MEAN JavaScript technology that will fulfil our client’s needs accordingly.

MEAN stack web development is not single software rather it is the combination of four software. The components of MEAN Stack are as follows–


An open source NoSQL database, MongoDB adds up two features to the MEAN stack development– scalability and flexibility. It has a flexible architectural structure that supports different data formats.


Express.js is a part of Node.js web application. It is adjustable with a dominant feature of building single as well as multiple web pages along with the mobile application.


Angular Development Company is best suited for dynamic web applications. It builds up the open source web application framework that helps to extend the HTML vocabulary application of any web page o mobile application. Also, Angular.js is easily readable, quick to develop and expressive too.


An open source cross-platform, Node.js is mainly used for building scalable and fast applications. With a rich library of JavaScript module, Node.js is based on the Google Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine.

MEAN stack web development gives the developer many liberties of benefits and some of those benefits are as follows–

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  • MEAN stack development gives the developer the liberty of writing the entire code in JavaScript i.e. from client to server. It is one of the important advantages of using MEAN stack web development.
  • It supports the ‘Model View Controller’ or MVC architecture.
  • The components of MEAN are open source which means they get regularly updated on their own.
  • The inclusion of Node.js has made MEAN steak faster than any other technology, and it saves time.
  • Also, it has huge module library of Node.js.

Why choose Redian Software for MEAN Stack development?

Redian Software deploys the MEAN Stack to develop many web applications which are mainly used in cases of e-commerce and media. MEAN Stacks development provides you with a slick UI design to your app and it also the latest advanced technology on this platform. Necessarily, MEAN Stack accelerates your applications, giving it the required push to move it forward. And our skilled developers at Redian Software have the ability to build your web apps accordingly to showcase your business needs.

So, if you are in need of a fast and latest technology platform to run your web applications, Redian Software is here at your service with the ideal MEAN Stack web development process. Contact us for further details. Happy Developing!

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