“Lets grow together” Redian Software Private Limited is private limited company incorporated in India under Indian companies act. We believe in growing together and welcome investors who would like to invest in Redian Software in the form of equity or term loan.

We are fast growing IT company with the focus on latest open source technologies, with the experienced team of engineers and managers. Redian Software is leading open source software development company offering cutting-edge solutions for healthcare, travel, banking and finance, education and Retail. Redian Software has delivery headquarter in India and business office in the United States and delighted to have delivered 500+ successful projects and 300 global clients.

We are adding feathers in our cap under the leadership of Pavan Verma and the team of dedicated engineers, software developers, managers and UI/UX developers.

We will sign the NDA and assure that conversation and agreements between us will be kept confidential.

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