SuiteCRM – the Best Open-Source CRM

Customer relationship management is a set of activities and processes that help a business maintain good relations with its clients. Over the years, CRM has become very important because businesses have realized the significance of healthy customer relationships. There are various software tools available, both free and paid to help businesses streamline their customer relationship […]

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Twilio SuiteCRM extension

Redian Software has developed extension to connect SuiteCRM with Twilio. Twilio SMS extension allows you to send SMS (leads, contacts, employees, prospects, users accounts) and receive ( from Twilio) with details such as message, date and time of SMS, status, etc. The Benefits / Key Features of SMS module Allow you to effectively communicate through […]

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Laravel team released v5.8.4

Laravel is one of most popular open source web framework based on PHP language. Laravel was made to strengthen security, speed up database migration without data loss, and make the entire process of creating a web application a much easier process. Recently team Laravel released v5.8.4 with a new collection join method and an HTTP Kernel middleware getter. read […]

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