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About Redian Software

We welcome you to explore the digital world where perspective meets action and ideas meet technology. We, at Redian Software, are an independent group of like-minded people who take an active interest in providing the best of security in the digital domain. Our headquarter is in Noida, India and have expanded our arms far and wide in the USA as well. We give an artistic touch to technology and bring a vision into reality. We thrive on our expertise to provide end-to-end business solutions in system security and applications. With this zeal in our kitty, we have implemented about 500 top-notch enterprise-wide solutions, giving us an edge over others. Our vision is to strive to become the leader in the IT gamut, providing matchless and unparalleled value-added services to customers. With time, we have grown to provide manifold outputs to multifarious organizations with a high customer satisfaction. We tend to affiliate most experienced software developers, graphic designers, system integrators, strategic innovators, thus, giving you the best solutions; guaranteed.

Our wide plethora of service offerings reaches out to the domains of custom web development, mobile applications, and fine-tuned CRM applications. We are not just any industry specific, but our expertise expands to all kinds of industries, be it manufacturing, retail, healthcare, insurance, E-Commerce, Customer Support or Education, we have been there and done that. Our large and ever increasing customer base is proof to that. We have thoughtfully customized, and tailor-made many apt solutions for these concerns and have provided seamless integrations with latent ERP systems, giving an overall insight on the entire operations on a single screen. We help to facilitate decision-making in a quick and steady way, just like the management wants.

Moreover, Redian gives you the most value out of your sustained Information Technology investments to drive your business growth through effective decision-making, insightful dashboards, seamless CRM applications and a holistic approach. Our employees are the key to success which leads the people engineered growth path and executed the matters in hand cautiously with the motive of continuously improving the throughput. Our solutions are not only suited to fit all your today’s needs but are scalable to upgrade for the near future. Redian has been a pioneer in the industry and has carried out several business transformation projects with the help of IT. Our motive forever remains the same, innovation, agility, transformation and specialization. Our customer-centric focus has always been a winner. We have been chosen and re-chosen by our clients on this very USP of ours. We do not forget you once we have implemented your dream solution, but we continue our engagement with our curated services for support and growth.

Redian also offers excellent working conditions for our employees, who are the curators of our and your growth story. Our employees define our success path, and the benefits of our toil do pass on to those contributing towards it. Join hands with Redian Software, embark on a successful, IT-driven journey towards success, and achieve your dreams.


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