CodeIgniter Web Framework

Since it has been introduced in 2006, CodeIgniter has received tremendous awards and acknowledgment on account of being faster, lighter and slightest framework. It is an effective PHP framework with high enterprise adoption rate. CodeIgniter empowers developers execute faster arrangement by enabling them with a rich arrangement of libraries of generally required errands, and a simple to get to interface.


Advantages of CodeIgniter

Highly Adjustable

Simple Architecture

Support for Ajax

Rapid development

Low maintenance cost


Why Choose CodeIgniter?

CodeIgniter uses the model view controller (MVC) design pattern that permits developers to streamline the code and make vast applications without dealing with spaghetti code from legacy development. MVC makes code ‘neat and clean,’ rolling out it less demanding to join improvements and overhauls. CodeIgniter works with both PHP 4 and 5, and very compatible and adoptable to the environment. We can use this remarkably robust, execution yet simple framework to design and create powerful web applications



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