Zoholics Kenya 2024 recap with Redian Software

Our team had a blast at Zoholics Kenya 2024 from February 29th to March 1st! The energy was electric as we were greeted with vibrant coastal dances, immersing us in Kenya’s rich culture. The event kicked off with a bang, with Mr. Zoe Ochwango and Mr. Veerakumar Natarajan leading the charge, welcoming everyone with a loud “Karibu to Zoholics Kenya 2024!”

But here’s the real excitement: AI has been all the rage since the end of 2022, right? Well, guess what? Zoho has been ahead of the game for 11 years with Zia, their practical AI solution that seamlessly integrates with your various platforms. Noteworthy achievements were shared, including a remarkable reduction in churn rates to 2.4% over six years, attributed largely to the impactful Zoho partner program driving a significant portion of business.

And let’s talk growth! The Middle East and Africa region have seen a staggering tenfold increase in just six years, with a whopping 31% growth rate, leading the charge in revenue across all regions. Can you believe it?

But it’s not just about the numbers; it’s about real stories. We heard from customers like Brighter Monday, TATC, Buy Rent Kenya, & Pigia Me, who shared their journey with and without Zoho. Spoiler alert: Zoho addressed every pain point and drove their revenue growth!

Zoholics Kenya 2024 with Redian Software

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