Zoho CRM implementation for Finance Industry


The client is a USA based retail and commercial mortgage services provider.


The client has tried a couple of CRM solutions and was still using 3 CRM instances for different purposes. Managing three CRM instances for similar business was a difficult task for business and it was increasing the work rather than reducing. The client wanted an integrated solution for all business verticals so that their team can perform the activities from a single point. They also wanted to automate the processes like follow-ups, tasks, and integration of lead sources.


We customized the Zoho CRM and implemented the business function-based layouts and workflows. We integrated the multiple lead sources and loan application process. Data from multiple CRMs were migrated to Zoho to make it a single application to be used for the entire business process.


Zoho CRM, Deluge Script


The new CRM system has reduced the redundancies as well as reduced the complexities of the business. Now the client can access all leads, deals, and applications from single CRM.

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