Weighing Design and Function When Building Your App

These days, app makers must contend not only with well funded giants in the mobile space, but with the endless amount of new competition entering the scene as app store growth accelerates. Once a better version of your app gains popularity, yours is likely getting the axe — especially when the daunting “Storage Almost Full” message appears. To avoid the chopping block but not waste precious resources, you have to prioritize. So, which matters more: design or function?

Computer, tablet, and smartphone users tend to be both decisive and loyal. For years, we’ve seen the same major brands go head-to-head, but this point buyers have generally chosen their camp. Try to sell a longtime iPhone user on an Android (or vice versa) and you’ll find yourself wrapped up in an endless debate over features, UI, customization, battery life, security, the color of the message bubbles… Read More

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