The travel industry is one of the biggest enterprises across the globe. Today, an online reservation framework for travel booking has been introduced to handle the outdated booking systems so that requests and inquiries can be worked out in a proficient and fast way.

The travel industry is empowered with high-end technological solutions which have made this business extremely competitive as well as profitable.

  • Unique business alignment to provide best in class customer experience.
  • Integration with various platforms and providing a single point solution for all.
  • Removing the inefficiency from the business processes.

if you are looking forward to creating an online presence in the travel industry then, you have met up at the right spot since we are the master in travel web design and development. Travel sites ought to be easy to use, simple to explore and give complete data to potential travelers. In this manner, we can outline and build up an awesome travel gateway for you that will have an attractive and easy to use graphical user interface.

Our Services

Digital Transformation

Redian Software builds and design the platforms that help travel companies to enter in a powerful digital era and transform their entire journey with cutting edge digital customer experience.

BI & Reporting

Travel companies can be more attentive and informed with the help of our Business Intelligence and Reporting solutions. Track and monitor the performance of each individual, product, branch, or client in real-time.

Social Integration

Social media is a key component these days to understand customer behavior and use the data for various purposes. Our Social Integration solution helps companies to collect and analyze the data from various social networks.

Channel Integration

Redian Software builds and design solution for travel that integrates with multiple channels through a channel manager and allow customers to book from various channels.

Online Booking Engine

Redian Software is one of the leading services providers in developing the online booking engine. We consider 360-degree approach to architect the system and allow a seamless experience.

Support & Help-desk

Redian Software has designed and developed the help-desk and support systems to happily resolve the customer requests and automate the entire process through workflows and chatbot.


Today when mobile internet users are growing sharply and most of the customer interactions are happening online, we build robust and reliable mobile applications that connect with the customer.

Hotel Booking

Redian Software develops a mobile app and website solution for hotels to manage customer bookings, and integrate with social media, customer services, and analytics.

Flight Booking

Our develop mobile application, web application and middleware for flight booking. Integration with various suppliers and GDS allow our customers to book the flights from various channels.

Customer Success

Redian Software helped us in migrating from old legacy systems to new cutting edge booking management system and integrating with Zoho Analytics for reporting purposes.

Sounder Rajan, CEO- HighQ Holidays

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