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Customer relationship management is a set of activities and processes that help a business maintain good relations with its clients. Over the years, CRM has become very important because businesses have realized the significance of healthy customer relationships.

There are various software tools available, both free and paid to help businesses streamline their customer relationship management activities. SuiteCRM is free, and one of the most popular open-source CRM software widely used by businesses.

SuiteCRM’s core functionalities include email marketing, SMS marketing, task management, territory management, contact management, performance metrics, and document flow automation, etc. But this is not all; there are many more benefits of SuiteCRM for businesses.

So, here are the reasons why you must choose SuiteCRM.


Small businesses require the best software to help them grow. And they need a variety of software. But, with limited funds, these businesses cannot afford to spend heavily on software. Moreover, the licenses require periodic renewal. These are the reasons why many businesses opt for free software.

SuiteCRM comes without a license fee. So, it is ideal for small businesses which cannot invest in software licenses. And there are no per-user costs. So, when the company is expanding, you don’t have to incur additional expenses for adding users to the CRM.

CRM software similar to SuiteCRM, with basic to advanced functionalities, can cost around $10 to $100 per month. But SuiteCRM gives you all the benefits of top CRM software, without even a license fee.


Many businesses have stringent policies regarding the security of data. And, some of them do not prefer their CRM on the public cloud as they are concerned about where their data is residing. The best CRM package is the one that allows businesses to maintain their security and policies.

SuiteCRM comes with the flexibility of both public and private deployment. So, you can use SuiteCRM on your private cloud, if desired. Else, you can use it on a public cloud, depending on your requirements.

SuiteCRM allows you to access the CRM data from any device. The mobile app version is equally convenient to use.

Likewise, you can easily migrate the SuiteCRM installation between the cloud and your private servers.


Most businesses get customized software as they believe that open-source options do not allow much customization. But, SuiteCRM is highly customizable. So, if you need changes in specific features according to your needs, you can still use SuiteCRM and get it customized from professional developers.

Businesses need various levels of customizations when they are using open-source CRM packages. The different types of customizations that you can conveniently do with SuiteCRM are module customization, dashboard customization, field customization, workflow customization, etc.

Moreover, you will find a variety of free themes available on the internet for your SuiteCRM. However, if you want a customized theme that reflects the image of your business, you can get one developed specifically for your needs.

Businesses are reluctant to buy software which they cannot integrate with their existing systems. And, they have various systems in place such as Google Drive, Gmail, etc. But, does this mean they have no choice but to go for customized CRM software? The answer is, no!

The best feature of SuiteCRM is that you can integrate it with so many third-party applications and plugins that your business is already using. SuiteCRM integrates well with Google Drive, Joomla, WordPress, Outlook, and many more commonly used software and services.

Regular Updation

Any software is useless if it is not updated regularly. Issues related to security crop in and cause serious concerns for the users. Moreover, technology changes are very fast in the market. So, software that does not match up with these changes is bound to fail.

SuiteCRM, an open-source package receives community support from across the world. It has regular version updates bringing better functionality, and security features. The community updates an open-source software after benchmarking with the best software available in the niche.

When so many experienced developers all over the world are working on the software, a variety of issues are actively resolved, and a range of functionalities are regularly updated.

There is some technical knowledge required for maintaining your instance of SuiteCRM. If you hire the right service provider for setting up and updating your SuiteCRM, you won’t have to face any hassles in keeping the software up-to-date, safe, and free of errors.

Customer Support Forums

Similar to the popular open-source software, SuiteCRM has widely available support from the internet community. In the forums online, users from all over the world share their knowledge of different aspects pertaining to SuiteCRM, ranging from installation, deployment, use, troubleshooting, etc.

And, as the user base is very high for SuiteCRM package, you can expect support from so many experienced professionals through different forums.

Furthermore, professional SuiteCRM developers offer paid installation along with support plans.


SuiteCRM helps generate high-quality business leads. It makes the processes efficient and automatic.

Who doesn’t want to know his clients better? SuiteCRM helps you collect client information which you can use to improve your services.

SuitCRM also allows you to check the history of your clients instantly. You can use the information collected about the client for customer-segmentation. It facilitates managing each segment individually and appropriately.

SuiteCRM improves business communication with clients as it can be used to send emails and messages regularly to the customers.

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