SuiteCRM 7.9.2 Has Been Released! Lots of Bugs Addressed and Fixed As Well As a Number of Updates.

Here are the fixes:

  • Disregard draft sends emails
  • Bound email handling broken
  • fix for popup compose view return message popup
  • Email: No way to send plain-text emails
  • Attach Doc submits form on Firefox
  • Opening email from GMAIL sent folder opens corresponding IMAP UID from INBOX
  • Leftover call to Emails/index.php in v7.9, breaks \”Email Quotation\” feature
  • Cannot select emails with no subject (list view)
  • Default Signature and Email Account Signature

Users of ALL previous 7.9.x releases are advised to Upgrade to 7.9.2 as soon as possible. For any help please contact us

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