Selenium has emerged as one of the most efficient Java-based automated open source testing tools available. Selenium is unique when compared to other testing tools available. First, it is highly automated, more so than the others. Second, Selenium makes full use of Iframes and JavaScript to integrate the software into your browser. What this integration does is, it helps provides users with a provides users with a separate language that is domain free. This language can be used to create and then record the results of the different tests you want to perform in any programming language.

Some different browsers support Selenium testing. They include the Mac OS X, Linux, Internet Explorer and Firefox ( builds before the Firefox 55). The best thing about Selenium is the fact that it is effortless to use and at the same time far more powerful and efficient than any other testing tool. The reason why you should look no further than Selenium testing services for running tests on your software.

And there are no better Selenium testing service providers than us. Our organization is committed to providing businesses with customized testing strategies so that the tests are carried out in the fastest time possible, with minimal human errors at much lower costs. 

The following are some of the various services offered by us.

  • Ultra quick automation scripts that facilitate bug reproduction and exploratory testing with the use of Selenium IDE
  • Development of scalable and robust regression automation that target multiple platforms using the Selenium, web driver
  • Database and Flash tests with the use of Selenium 2.0
  • Development of customized reporting tools using HTML
  • Integration with tools based on Java  like Maven and Ant
  • Automation with a data-driven or keyword approach that or a hybrid of both
  • Automation of Selenium testing with the use of Programming language that you choose
  • Wrapping of Selenium test scripts around Testing Framework like JUnit, TestNG, etc.

We also use the grid testing method to conduct more tests in very little time. With this method, we the dive load into some machines at the same time to execute the test as individual machines.

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