Recently, Corporate Vision Magazine has announced the winners of the Technology Innovator Award 2018. CV Magazine has reviewed the companies across the globe and nominated companies on various excellencies. We are delighted to announce that Redian Software won Best Healthcare Software Solution Award-India.

This was the fourth successful year of Technology Innovator Award 2018Acknowledging the talented individuals, teams and firms that provide some of the best, and most innovative, products and services in the industry, CV Magazine shortlisted companies from across the globe.

Sophie Milner, Awards Executive at Corporate Vision, emphasized, “These awards highlight the truly top-performing businesses, individuals, and departments in today’s market. Our expert teams have worked tirelessly throughout the process to ensure that only the most deserving receive one of our prestigious awards.”

We have Infinite’s proven excellence in healthcare IT solutions and vast expertise in implementing healthcare technology processes can help ensure healthcare businesses will remain competitive today and in the future.

Our healthcare software solutions comprehensively cover all major aspects of the healthcare industry. We offer robust healthcare software development services and managed IT solutions designed to be user-friendly, saving you significant time.

In Healthcare IT Services, our team includes domain experts, architects, project managers, and developers. They excel in Microsoft, Oracle, and open-source tools, plus GUI technologies and Web 2.0. The team size is dynamic, scalable on short notice, ensuring flexibility and sensitivity. Thanks to our time-tested system, we cater to clients’ evolving needs effectively.

\"Redian Redian Software Wins Technology Innovator Award 2018 for Best Healthcare Software Solutions in India.

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