Questions Before Hiring an Ecommerce Consultant

If you’re in e-commerce, it seems like there is always another tweak for you to attract more customers. Hiring a consultant could increase your chances of success when implementing these strategies. However, navigating these waters and finding a match with project fit and price can be tricky. Here are the questions you should ask yourself before hiring an e-commerce consultant:



1. How much growth do I believe is possible within the next 12 months?

Explaining your growth expectation means a greater possibility of hiring a consultant who will be on the same page. If you think that 100 percent growth is doable and the consultant expects to deliver 20 percent, then you know they’re probably not a good fit.

If you’re unsure how much you think you can grow in a year, look at your industry average. If you can’t find this, look to other companies in your market. Take a look at your infrastructure. Consider how much you can scale based on whether your business is product or service-based. Read More


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