Opencart Solution For Furniture Company


The client is leading manufacturer of home furnishing material like sofa, ottoman, chairs, Leather Sectionals, Home theatre etc.


The client provides grouped items to the buyers along with single product items. And grouped products are created by using the single product items. Grouped products have various swatch colors, grades, sets, prices and portfolio.

Developing an automated system where product items, prices, swatch, grade, sets can be managed by the admin and staff. Group product can be purchased as a single order.

  • Automated grouping of products using single products
  • Updated prices of grouped product as well as single product price
  • Manage Swatch colors for grouped product
  • Manage specs and dimensions for bundle products
  • Buyer have options to select quantity for each product item in grouping
  • Customized import system



  • Migrate existing ZentCart products database to opencart database
  • Building an automated system where admin/staff can manage the grouped products/products without any hurdles
  • Smooth checkout process for customers


The client chooses to build the application using opencart. Cubic Web Solutions’s development team took a close look at the requirement and analyzed all aspects of making the product successful. As a result of that, we started developing the application by customizing the opencart modules and building custom modules.


We customized the complete inventory of opencart to meet the client criteria. We wrote custom coding to migrate products, categories and images from ZenCart to opencart. All products were automatically fetched in the proper format supported by the opencart.

Building a smooth checkout process for such products was a complicated process, where a group of products will be purchased a single product. We customized the checkout process to make it easy for customers.


PHP 5 and LAMP


  • Met the client requirements without any problems
  • Delivered the project on the assigned deadline
  • Used agile method
  • Product data can be imported from ZenCart
  • Any product can be added to any group of products
  • Staff can assign price on single product under grouped products
  • On checkout, buyer can select the number of quantities by each product under grouped products

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