Native and Hybrid Apps – Choose approach Wisely

Building App is energizing that makes a business more congenial and responsive. There are some significant backend choices to be made before going for its front viewpoint. Choosing Native and Hybrid App chooses the eventual fate of business

Like Facebook moved Native from Hybrid after Mark Zuckerberg understood the high dependency on HTML5, which doesn’t offer a rich client practice. However, that doesn’t make native applications, the greatest one. The choice turns out in the wake of understanding the prerequisite of the business. Whether it requires more equipment capacities like location, camera or does it requires regularly upgraded content.

So, start with basic first,

What is a Native app?

Work with specific language or a platform like Objective-C or Swift for Apple devices and Java for Android devices. They take advantage of operating system features and interact with pre-installed software. Instagram is a classic example of this.

What is a Hybrid app?

A hybrid app or web app is transforms into native code on a platform like iPhone or Android. Developer covers web code with native SDK. It can be easily installed over different platforms and give efficient and quicker solution. Provide a  browser view and allow to access features on your mobile device like Push Notifications, Contacts, or Offline Data Storage. Most of the banks and news feeds using the Hybrid App system.

Native v/s Hybrid mobile application

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