Redian believes in delivering customized app development services. With the increasing rate of mobile consumers, it is mandatory to provide services in a click . We at Redian adhere to development guidelines and abide by customer requirements.

Mobile development is a chain of customers and businesses. Both are dependant on each other and work in a process to make a digital footprint. 

With the increase in handheld technology, it is believed that in coming years, mobile phones will be more important than oxygen.

As part of mobile development, the mobile user interface plays an important role. It is in-fact an integral part of today’s world. It is capable to keep the customers engaged.

Redian focuses on a systematic approach to mobile development meeting customers’ requirements. With the increase in the number of mobile devices , there is always a question of security.Redian strives to build a secured mobile app thus resulting in safe usage.

Providing wished features to customers in a procedure and sustainable way is our key value in development.

Enabling Interactive engagement with the users such that our users feel close to apps and easily win the upcoming tech slogan ‘Go mobile or buy mobile’.

Redian team works timely for support and maintenance services to ensure that each iteration surpasses the one before regarding stability, security and efficiency.


Mobile App for Movie Release

iOS Mobile Application

We at Redian feel proud to announce that our associates are sound in Swift programming language and can efficiently develop Applications for IOS users. iOS users are interested in the safety of their devices and they will ever acknowledge happily, it is our promise.

Xcode simulation to develop user-friendly and secured apps.

Travel community mobile app

Android App Development

In spite of having an Open source platform for developers, We at Redian utilize this benefit to serve our customers better. Android serves the majority population with its easy adaptability.

We take extra care for the apps developed by us so that it can work on every possible configuration with minimal problems. Our developers make sure our android apps are well protected from cyber-attacks and safeguard client confidentialities.

Insurance Aggregator Application

Hybrid App development

Our Developers are well specialized in HTML5 Mobile Framework Application which helps them designing the application and testing application through browser thus ending with packaging and final testing.

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