Developing powerful, high performance mobile apps with an eye to ease the business process of an organization enlarging its rate of investment.

Redian uses well planed development process and methods with smart programming practices, coding guidelines as per standards across the industry. In a world dominated by smart phones and tablets, mobile apps have become a critical part of today’s business. Mobile applications have contributed to almost every aspect of our lives. Its simple ability to engage customers is really incredible. Businesses have made the right move in using mobile apps to reach millions of customers, expanding their businesses and creating a digital footprint. With the number of handheld devices expected to rise in the coming years and extreme digitization it is very likely for the mobile apps to be in higher demamd.

Redian software help out businesses by building them reliable and intuitive apps that can take your businesses to a whole new level. Security being a higher priority for Redian software and thus, ensures all the data being handled by the app is being lifted in a secured way. We are always at work optimizing and tinkering with our apps to ensure that each iteration surpasses the one before regarding stability, security, and efficiency.

Our App Development Services:

iPhone App Development :

At Redian we believe it is imperative for one to must have excellent knowledge in Swift programming language for the ios app development. we have expert developers having profound knowledge and experience in Swift programming language. With our various simulations, we monitor our apps to ensure they work with high degree of precision and stability.

Android App Development :

The Google OS, which powers 88% of all smartphone in the global market, is undoubtedly dominating the ‘World of Operating Systems’. At Redian we have highly experienced developers well versed in SDK tools and Android development languages. Since various Android operating systems are working on different device configurations, it is of utmost importance to make sure that apps work on every possible configuration without stability problems. Our developers make sure our Android apps are well protected from cyber-attacks and safeguard client confidentialities.

Hybrid App Development :

At Redian we possess both the expertise and knowledge to create hybrid apps that are compatible with almost all operating systems. We have professionals who specialize in HTML 5 frameworks like IONIC, Mobile Angular UI, Intel XDK and similar development tools to make sure that our hybrid apps create a seamless user experience across various platforms with no stability issues

Benefits of Mobile App :

  • Integrates With Existing Software
  • Facilitates New Client Data Retrieval
  • Achieving increased brand loyalty by rewarding your customers
  • Integration with wearables & smart gadgets
  • Reduce Time To Resolution
  • Customize As Per Requirements
  • Cut Down the Costs
  • load content faster than websites
  • create an advanced marketing strategy
  • Increasing conversion via push notifications
  • Increased Support
  • More Mobility
  • More Connection Opportunities
  • Promotion Benefits
  • Ease in Project Management
  • Improved visibility
  • Marketing directly to the customers
  • Offers High Scalability
  • steady accessibility

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