Mobile App Development

With apps managing almost every aspect of our lives, they have made our lives a lot simpler. Businesses have made the right move in using mobile apps to reach millions of customers, expanding their businesses and creating a digital footprint. With the number of handheld devices only expected to rise in the coming years, businesses can achieve a lot in investing in apps. Redian software help out businesses by building them reliable and intuitive apps that can take your businesses to a whole new level. Security is also a high priority for Redian software; we code our apps to safeguard themselves from prying eyes. We are always at work optimizing and tinkering with our apps to ensure that each iteration surpasses the one before regarding stability, security, and efficiency

iPhone Apps

iPhone apps or iOS based apps present an entirely different set of challenges. The software language used in iOS app development is entirely different from Android. For developing apps for Apple ecosystem, one must have excellent knowledge in Swift programming language. At Redian we have expert developers having lots of knowledge and experience in Swift programming language. With our various simulations, we monitor our apps to ensure they work with high degree of precision and stability. 

Android Apps

Android being used in more than half of the world’s handheld devices, it’s vital to have Android-based apps for your businesses. Our developers are well versed in SDK tools and Android development languages. Since various Android operating systems are working on different device configurations, it is of utmost importance to make sure that apps work on every possible configuration without stability problems. Our developers make sure our Android apps are well protected from cyber-attacks and safeguard client confidentialities.

Hybrid Apps

Hybrid apps are a different classification of applications that encompasses elements of web applications and native applications. The primary objective of hybrid apps is to work well on a mobile browser. We possess both the expertise and knowledge to create hybrid apps that are compatible with almost all operating systems. We have professionals who specialize in HTML 5 frameworks like IONIC, Mobile Angular UI, Intel XDK and similar development tools to make sure that our hybrid apps create a seamless user experience across various platforms with no stability issues

“Great team of drupal developers to work with, very knowledgeable and delivers in a very timely fashion, look forward to work with him an many upcoming projects.”
– Abdul Khan, Director Of Technology, Womens Learning Partnership


Mobile Applications
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