How Manual Testing Can be Helpful in Making Error Free Products


Benefits  of Manual Testing:

1. Manual Testing can be used in both small and big projects.
2. Easy to learn for new peoples who are involved in QA waters.
3. Manual Testing is more reliable than automated (In many cases automated doesn’t cover all case).
4. Manual Testing the Tester to perform more ad-hoc. In my experience, more bugs are found.
5. Manual Testers usually worked on ad-hoc than Automation, Then more time a tester spend playing with the features of the software so he gets few users level bugs.
6. Manual testing is preferable for a product with the short life cycle.
7. Manual testing is preferable for products that have GUIs that constantly change for Project.
8. If the Manual test cases have to be running small numbers of times then manual testing is more likely to be performed.
9. The more time of testers spend on Manual testing, the more is the chances of finding bugs because no machine or tool can match the power of human brain and experience.
10. Manual Testers allows the tester to do more ad-hoc testings.
11. Trainers are required to give training on the automated tool but manual testings can be done by any testers.
12. Proficiency is required to write a Manual script for automation tools but in manual testing, nothing of this sort is required.
13. GUI testings can be done accurately with the help of manual testings as visual accessibility and preference is difficult to automate.

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