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Technology changes everyday, it is well said by technocrats all around the world. No technology ever seems going a long way without any alteration and if it does it is for sure not going to survive very longer in the market. It is very generic, yet true to almost any technology that presently persists in the age of extremely competitive and an agile technocratic age.

Redian Software, welcomed the launch of all new Drupal 8 with all new startling feature such as greater flexibility, scalability, and increased page load speed. Truly expected, drupal 8 turned out to be a remarkable CMS – compelling most businesses to migrate immediately in past rather creating more business opportunities for the drupal developers.

Worth acknowledging features that added a greater value to drupal 8 subsumed the new theme engine, responsive & mobile first approach, more powerful HTML5 acceptability, multilingual features, managed configuration, easy authoring, quick edit features, built-in web services, better loading speeds, java script automated testing and various other astounding features.

While migration to the all new drupal 8 was not an easy-walk especially in view of the concerns related to the data migration and module changes. But it is something that every technology always desire from you if you want to keep up with the growing industry says Mr. Pavan Verma, CEO – Redian Software.”

Redian Software, relentlessly keeping pace with the upgrading technology has, had always tried its best in retaining its position and syndicating best solutions to its past as well potential customers. Envisaging a digital world where perspective meets action and ideas meet technology. Redian has been making it happen with group of like-minded people who take an active interest in providing the best solutions in the digital domain.

Indeed, updates are a cumbersome milepost to achieve by any organization. Primarily due to the suspicion of data loss and a distorted customer experience during the adapting phase. But the ability to handle challenges is a measure of an organization\’s character to withstand endurance.

If you are seeking for any help with migration from older versions of Drupal to D8 or desiring to build a new CMS providing digital solutions and allowing better customer experience please contact us at:  [email protected]

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