Digital Transformation for SMB/MSME in manufacturing with Zoho

Redian Software and Zoho Corporation bring the webinar on “Digital Transformation for SMB/MSME in manufacturing with Zoho”.

The manufacturing sector across the globe is badly affected by COVID-19 and going through a tough phase. In the current situation, SMB/MSME would require to transform their business from various aspects. Digital transformation is one of the key areas in helping these businesses to overcome the crises.

This webinar brings interesting facts about how SMB/MSMS in the manufacturing sector can utilize Zoho solutions in transforming their businesses and can get better prepared for the future.


1- Mr. Rajendran Dandapani, Business Solutions Evangelist – Zoho Corporation

2-Hariharan Muralimanoha, Product Marketing Manager of Zoho One

3- Pavan Verma, CEO- Redian Software

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