Custom CRM solutions for sales, marketing and customer support

CRM term basically characterizes the Relationship and Management with clients. A solid bond somewhere around two and among different individuals is essential for driving the business to new levels of progress. This additionally serves the clients better as we understand their real needs viable. Redian Software has a significant experience in giving CRM solutions. We depend overwhelmingly on customer relationship management(CRM) technology tools to oversee communications with present and future clients.

Our expertise in CRM solutions & development

Redian Software has a long and with profound aptitude in building custom CRM software applications for the various segment like health care, education, insurance, Travel and numerous different parts. Our customized Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, development, integration, implementation services are optimized to meet your needs and requirements, with our advancement in India you will get one of the best arrangements at the most sensible costs.

SuiteCRM Solutions and Services

  • SuiteCRM Extension Development
  • SuiteCRM Integration
  • SuiteCRM Data Migration
  • SuiteCRM Click to call/Telephony Integration
  • SuiteCRM Development
  • SuiteCRM Training
  • SuiteCRM Customization
  • SuiteCRM Implementation
  • SuiteCRM Consulting
  • SuiteCRM Workflow Automation
  • SuiteCRM Business Solutioning

Zoho CRM Solutions and Services

  • Zoho CRM API Integration
  • Zoho CRM Integration
  • Zoho CRM Migration
  • Zoho CRM Click to call/Telephony Integration
  • Zoho CRM custom function Development
  • Zoho CRM Training
  • Zoho CRM Customization
  • Zoho CRM Implementation
  • Zoho CRM Consulting
  • Zoho CRM Workflow Automation
  • Zoho CRM Business Solutioning

SugarCRM Solutions and Services

  • SugarCRM Development
  • SugarCRM Integration
  • SugarCRM Migration
  • SugarCRM Click to call/Telephony Integration
  • SugarCRM custom extension Development
  • SugarCRM Training
  • SugarCRM Customization
  • SugarCRM Implementation
  • SugarCRM Consulting
  • SugarCRM Workflow Automation
  • SugarCRM Business Solutioning

Custom CRM Solutions and Services

  • Custom CRM Development
  • Custom CRM Design
  • Custom CRM Consulting
  • PHP CRM development
  • Open Source CRM Development
  • CRM with PHP/MySQL
  • CRM for Leads Management
  • Custom CRM for healthcare
  • Custom CRM for Travel Solutions
  • Custom CRM for Education
  • CRM for startups

Client Testimonials

“We worked with Redian Software to upgrade SuiteCRM from 7.3.x to latest 7.6.x. Very responsive, great to work with. We will us again.”
– Gary Birk, Managing Partner, Tersus Environmental

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