CRM Development in company Ghana

Redian Software is a leading CRM development and implementation company. Our expertise on open source CRMs like SuiteCRM, SugarCRM and vTiger along with cloud-based CRM like Zoho, Salesforce give a wide range to our customers to choose from.

We have implemented CRMs for across industries such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, Travel, Hospitality, Aviation, Education, Insurance, Finance, Banking, Media, Entertainment, Retail, e-Commerce for clients across the world.

How Redian Software helps business in CRM adaption

Our purpose is to transform the legacy systems and making the whole process effective with use of CRM. And our core objectives are to:

  • Increase the efficiency of the business process
  • Manage the workload and automate the business
  • Continuous improvement and optimization
  • Remove the redundancies

CRM Solutions & offerings by Redian Software

SuiteCRM implementation

SuiteCRM is a leading open source CRM and adopted by a wide range of customers across the world. It was forked from the SugarCRM and is based on PHP, MySQL. We offer a wide range of SuiteCRM customization and integration services for customers across the industries.

SugarCRM Implementation

SugarCRM is another open-source CRM and used by large and medium enterprises. It is also known as the parent of SuiteCRM. Redian Software has customized and implemented SuiteCRM for various clients and integrated with 3rd party applications to match the business requirements.

Zoho Implementation

A powerful cloud-based CRM platform accepted by more than 150000 businesses across the world. Zoho is a complete Suite for any business and offers more than 40 applications ranging from sales and marketing to HR and people management, finance to procurement and IT & HelpDesk. We offer end to end Zoho implementation services for across the industries.

Salesforce Implementation

Salesforce is another powerful cloud-based CRM trusted by millions of customers across the world by enterprises. It has been one of the most reliable CRM platforms and offers various features to transform businesses. We, at Redian Software offers end to end implementation services of Salesforce CRM for different industries by our team of salesforce professionals.

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