Bundle Chase

Client Background:
Bundle Chase work with a wide range of clients from very small startups to established corporations. They are passionate about graphics, photography and web design. Bundle Chase is a unique product with amazing bundles of vectors, no background images, logos, icons.
Challenge: To care high-resolution digital download website in WordPress

1) Payment Gateway
2) Coupon System
3) One-click signup
4) Secure Digital file downloads
5) Newsletter

Software and Plugins:

WordPress 3.5
Contact 7 Form
EDD(Easy Digital Downloads)
All in one SEO

Approach and Development:

When Tal shared his requirement about the bundle website, I was quite sure to do something different from other Digital Download Websites. Rather than using the ready-made templates, we opted to develop our own WordPress theme using the PSD.

1) Theme development from the PSD Files
2) For Payment, we integrated Paypal, because it is widely used payment gateway
3) To make the website user-friendly we have made the signup very simple. User will only need to enter the Email and Name and he will be subscribed
4) We have given checkbox on the time of signup, so user don’t need to subscribe to newsletter separately
5) Users can redeem the coupon code to get the discount on the deals
6) For SEO point of view, we have used all in one SEO

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