Building a perfect CRM with open source

Open Source CRM

Customer relationship management or CRM is an essential aspect of almost all types of businesses, whether major or minor. And, with proper attention, it can be the driving force of business. The good thing about this is that, even though it sounds like a mammoth task, it can be executed with ease and is very inexpensive. Most of the entry-level CRM software for open source CRM solutions are free. This guide will help you in building the perfect CRM for industry using open source. Open source CRM has a vast market, with a lot of outstanding competitors.

Let us look at some of them-

  • SuiteCRM – An alternative to SugarCRM and based on SugarCRM community edition, SuiteCRM gives you the best of all words. Since SugarCRM discontinued support for its community edition, Sales Agility forked it and enhanced the user interface and functionality to make it more powerful CRM system.
  • vTiger- vTiger is another open source CRM system and also based on SugarCRM. Vtiger has been downloaded more than three million times and offer very neat and clean user interface with many built-in features.
  • SugarCRM- On of the most powerful open source CRM till the date, previously it was supporting the community edition but now supporting the enterprise and professional editions. Both editions have lot of built-in such as elasticsearch for faster data delivery.
  • Simple Systems – The best CRM for small businesses which are no to discuss. It should not be confused with Insightly, as both of them play vastly different roles. One is online, and the other can be used for offline work. The same policy applies to this one. Two free users, 100 accounts, and free customer support along with 100 MB of storage in the free version. It has a vast array of plans to suit everyone’s pocket. The best part about them is that they are their name, simple and efficient.
  • FreeCRM – As the name suggests, FreeCRM is the best there is when it comes to entirely free packages for the perfect CRM solutions. 100 free users and 100,000 contacts are what you get when you sign up for it, which then increases to $29 for added memory and better support. The best part about it is that it is free and provides more functionality than those that charge money. It is most suitable for people with relatively small to mid-range businesses. It entirely runs on cloud-based servers, so you do not have to worry about your privacy.
Avanish Pandey
Avanish Pandey
Over 10 yrs Experience in open source technologies such as Drupal, WordPress, PHP. He is an active contributor to open source community.

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