Be MEAN to your business applications

Time and Budget are the biggest and most common roadblocks in a project’s development life span both client and delivery team suffer from it.

It is often difficult to choose right development environment, and setting up project structure as well as including libraries are time consuming. But not anymore, MEAN Stack development environment is a complete stack of some modern JavaScript framework’s put together for developing cutting edge robust and scalable app’s.

MongoDB, ExpressJS, Angular & Node are the technologies stacked together to build this opinionated fullstack JavaScript framework.

Reasons you should choose MEAN for your next project:

  • MongoDB – Let’s you develop faster, deploy easier and scale bigger it is a modern NoSQL database management tool.
  • ExpressJS – It is a simplified framework to harvest benefits of complex node logic by writing few lines of code.
  • Angular – It is a modern framework used by almost every MEAN stack web development company to achieve advance design architectures such as MVC, MVVM etc. which make your app modular so you can update or build over your current logic.
  • NodeJS – Well node is the solution for all your server side scripting you can build all kind of server side app’s using this amazing platform which works over Google’s v8 engine written in c++.

Things you can achieve with MEAN

  • Same validation logic on both front as well as backend cuts lot of time from development phase.
  • Distribution code produce is fully rendered in HTML so crawlers can scan 100% information from your page making your application SEO friendly.
  • Node simplifies the server layer and native JavaScript on both end result in faster execution of your request response cycle resulting in enhanced end user experience.

Moreover everything is open source so you can spend more on promotion of your app instead of pricey DB management licences and all.

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