Agile Methodology

Over the period of the time, software development life cycle has evolved and there is a major shift in development methodologies. Redian Software has always believed in providing best-in-class software solutions. We follow the Agile methodology for delivering projects successfully with the help of Scrum Framework. Agile methodology helps us to anticipate the need for flexibility and avoid common development issues. Major problems occurred during general development processes are increased cost, delayed schedule and quality of the product.

Our Expertise in Agile

Redian Software has Agile certified professionals to guide us throughout the development of product and deliver the product as per schedule and as expected. We follow the Agile method for product development for better collaboration and delivery. We are proficient in using tools like Scrum, Kanban, JIRA, GitHub, Bitbucket, Lean etc. In the simplest term, Agile development organizes the overall development and significantly reduces the overall risk associated with product development.

Benefits of Agile

Customer Satisfaction: Agile methodology delivers product features and functionality continuously during the project as requested by the customer and hence, it offers a greater value to the customer that keeps the customer happy and satisfied.

Better Project Control: Agile methodology largely increases your likelihood of meeting your project’s accomplishments in the actual anticipated time frame. It uses short development cycles to focus on perpetual enhancement in the development of a product or service.

Reduced Risks: It is imperative for any organization to understand and analyze the risks associated with any technology. But the agile team with good engineering practices and continuous feedback are always at lower risk linked to the project.

Faster ROI: In the agile methodology we deliver small, additive pieces of software that in turn quickens our returns. Also, the development starts early with a functional ‘ready to market’ product after a few iterations thus, enlarging business value.

High product quality: In the agile methodology testing is integrated at almost every phase of the production cycle. Therefore, it adds to the quality of the product being developed. It also ensures the product’s functional behavior during the testing phase.

Stakeholders engagement: Stakeholders are pivotal to the project with a higher interest in the success of the project. Albeit, not responsible for development but many stakeholders take keen participation in analyzing the development process providing technical as well user experience about the product.

Predictable cost and schedule: It becomes comparatively easier in agile methodology to anticipate the cost and actual time frame of the development process. Since the need to be innovative, competitive, and cost-effective has never been as stronger than it is today.

Improves quality: Agile methodology promises to deliver fully functioning, high quality, potentially shippable product in every iteration. Moreover, integrated testing does not let the development to compromise with quality as well.

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