The increased use of mobile data features in present times is not hidden from anyone. The statistics show that most people prefer to use data services on their mobile as compared to their computers or laptops. Given this trend, the tourism industry is also affected by it and sees an immense need to move towards using more and more mobile apps. We have listed the top five reasons that are driving the tourism industry to make it more mobile friendly.

More Possibilities Of User-Engagement

Mobile apps give the option to customize and choose the content according to their needs and preferences at the very beginning while they launch their app. Moreover, it is easier to track and observe user activities and design the recommendations accordingly. Additionally, mobile phones also give the option to track and identify a real-time geographic location which makes it easier for travel agencies to make more relevant recommendations in terms of flights, hotels or other sight-seeing options.

Mobile Apps Provide More Ease To Send Notifications

Mobile phones have really changed the ways notification is sent to its users. Traditionally, it was only restricted to flyers, banners or emails but these days mobile apps allow push notifications and in-app notifications. Push notifications are sent to users from time-to-time and they receive it on their phone regardless of the fact that they open the particular app or not. This is great for tourism industry because they can use this feature to send notifications about recent offers and sale options. According to statistics, there has been a 40% increase in the number of clicks through this method. On the contrary, in-app notifications are received by users when they open the app so this is also an immediate way of informing people about various deals when they log in to the mobile app.

User-Friendly And Easy To Spend Time On Apps

Mobile apps are definitely more user-friendly and easier to log into as compared to the websites. The statistics show that mobile users spend as much as 86% of their time on mobile apps and as little as 14% of their time on websites. Therefore, it is only obvious that there are more chances of tourism companies to advertise about their deals and offers if they provide mobile app services.

Saves Cost And Increase Productivity

Apps help in easy data management which saves the time of employees so they can utilize this time in other activities that contribute towards increasing productivity. Apps also save a lot of costs because it is easy to build and maintain in the long run as compared to websites that are slower and requires more inputs.

Increased Security With Existing Systems

With mobile apps, it is easier to integrate them with the security system of your phone so it can provide a higher level of security as compared to laptops or computers. There is some software available in the market that can lock down the apps in case of malware and threat to your device. This provides the higher scope of security for both users and the app providers. This is an important feature for the tourism industry because a lot of transactions take place on these websites and hence it becomes very important to secure sensitive bank account and card details.

In the end, it can be stated with full confidence that moving towards app-based business is the right step for the tourism industry if they want to generate continuous profits.

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