School Management System

In today’s world, education has become an integral part of human life. Emphasis on quality education has increased the number of children going to school. Educational institutes are finding it hard to ensure the proper flow of information between the students, teachers, parents, and stake holders. Redian’s School Management System will help the institutes to overcome the obstacles such as loss in the flow of communication, and keeping tabs on all the institutional related activities. From fee payment to its tracking, submission of daily assignments, and keeping a track of attendance, our School Management System will work as a boon for the educational institutes.


Sound communication with parents is also important for an educational institute in order to create a good reputation. Our school management system will not only ensure the intra institutional sound communication flow, but will also tap the power of automation to maintain the efficient relationship with the parents. Our School Management System helps the parents in customizing different institutional document as per their understanding.



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School Management System
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