YII stands for “Yes It Is” and YII Applications Development has gained attention than any other PHP framework because of it the prominent structure. It is an open source web application development framework, and it performs impressively. YII Software Development is gaining importance on a daily basis.

Why Redian Software for YII?

As YII development company, we offer YII development services at high standards with the help of professional YII developers.

  • Our developers have learned to adapt to the best YII framework, and they will support with high competence.
  • The designers working with us are well trained and can focus on a viable and creative solution for developing the best website.
  • All resources associated with us are ingenious and skillful.
  • Our developers can offer 24/7 technical support. These developers have sound technical knowledge.
  • Our team has both YII 1.x and 2.x experts who can offer unique web applications development services for ERP, applications, portals, and websites.

Why YII Framework ?

Every PHP developer finds comfortable working with YII Application for its best standards, and the framework is fool-proof to be used in any project. When you want to know the specific reasons for using YII in your project, then you must understand the advantages offered by YII.

  • The development of an application is quick and easy with YII because it works using the MVC framework. The model view controller can make development systematic and faster.
  • By enabling APC which is the PHP extension YII will offer creditable performance.
  • The cross-site request and the scripting prevention feature makes YII most secured platform that no other PHP framework makes it possible.
  • The built-in authentication support helps to validate the access control using the hierarchical roles.
  • ZEND and PEARL are the third-party codes that are made comfortable with the help of YII.
  • Above all the YII Application is consistently active, modular, resilient, and flexible.
  • The widgets are AJAX-enabled.

What Services We Offer

  • Web Portal Design and Development
  • Plugin Development
  • Module Development
  • Custom Web Application Consulting
  • Application Maintenance and Support
  • Application Development
  • Shopping Cart Development
  • CMS Development
  • Migration Solution
  • Third-party app integration

YII Features Implemented By Us

Among the several reasons to use YII development for your website, we focus predominantly on the below mentioned four features.

Functional Testing – We make sure that testing on your site will not only be precise with YII functional testing it also helps by effectually improving the app’s functionality.

Security – The site safety is utmost essential for every business, and we help you achieve with the help of YII framework as it has features including the cross-site scripting, input filtering, and the SQL injection.

Swift Site Loading – The lazy-loading method we undertake allows a quick download that takes your site to the top position.

Personalized Skinning – Our developers quickly toggle between the several strong views and hence we design your site in a customized fashion.

Since we focus on customer satisfaction as a prime motto, we assure you that by availing our services you can design a perfect site.

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