YII Applications Development

Yii is a wonderful framework and best for developing web applications on any scale. It’s an effective, extensible, high-performance and component based web application framework which is written in PHP5. Having the capacity to reuse the maximum code; we are able to speed up the entire web development process. Yii is known for its speed, applications developed in Yii, it loads very fast.  Yii Framework Development Is Ideal for websites require speedy and fine finishing, E-commerce websites, Websites of hotels or hospitals.

Our Expertise

Redian Software holds hands on experience in developing YII application development, portals, ERP and content management system. Our technical team assess the requirement and develop the optimum solution as per your business needs. In last 5 years, we have developed YII solutions for enterprises varying from start-up to fortune 500 companies.

Web Application Development

We have a team of YII 1.x and 2.x experts offering unparallel web applications development services for websites, portals, applications and ERP.

Dedicated developer

You can hire a dedicated and skilled developer from the pool of our Yii developers. These resources will be exclusively available for your business needs.

3rd Party Integration

Our YII development services include integration of 3rd party APIs like Payment Gateway, Shipping API, Reporting and other 3rd party REST and SOAP APIs.

Enterprise Level Solutions

If you are looking for enterprise level solutions, Redian Software is the best choice for enterprise level YII development services with reduced cost and time.

Why choose YII framework

  • Extreme performance compared to other frame works
  • Cross-site Scripting Prevention
  • Cache components (Memcache, APC, XCache)

  • Compatibility with third-party code
  • Built-In Authentication & Authorization
  • Error handling and logging

Thus, by applying our professional approach, we deliver the standard quality, highly cost-effective and SEO friendly website that help you out to improve your overall image in the competitive market. So, create your business presence today and allow your business to surmount high with us.

Client Testimonials

“Right product is made with right team. We enjoyed working with YII team of Redian Software and wish them all the best for future assignments. Keep the good work up!”
– Manni, CEO, Utility Compare, UK

Our Clients