SugarCRM development

SugarCRM services have been deploying 1.5 Million individual in more than 26 different languages and well over in 120 countries. A company like IBM has en-chased SugarCRM by transforming its sales team to the optimum level by leveraging its benefits. Corporate are using nowadays SugarCRM in their smartphones and accessing data & information on a real time base which is really wonderful as it helps in taking instant important and vital business decisions which become fruitful in short as well as long run.

Our SugarCRM expertise

Redian Software has a long and with profound aptitude in building custom CRM software applications for a various segment like health care, education, insurance, Travel and numerous different parts. Our customized Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, development, integration, implementation services are optimized to meet your needs and requirements, with our advancement in India you will get one of the best arrangements at the most sensible costs.

Custom CRM Development

We develop custom CRM using PHP, MySQL, MEAN and Angular JS, exclusive for your needs.

Open Source CRM

We customize open source CRM solutions like SuiteCRM, SugarCRM-CE, vTiger to match client’s requirement.

3rd Party Integration

Third party software integration with CRM like Payment Gateway, Quickbooks etc..

Web to CRM

We integrate website or landing page form to CRM so that data is directly pushed to CRM.

Hire CRM Resources

Hire dedicated onshore and offshore CRM developer from the pool of our talented CRM development team.

SugarCRM development

We provide end to end SugarCRM customization and data migration along with support.

Client Testimonials

“We worked with Redian Software to upgrade SuiteCRM from 7.3.x to latest 7.6.x. Very responsive, great to work with. We will us again.”
– Gary Birk, Managing Partner, Tersus Environmental

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