Leads management is a process of capturing the leads, qualifying them and providing to the appropriate team to work on it. This whole process is quite complex and takes a lot of time and efforts along with manpower and money. A comprehensive leads management allow you to manage the leads right from harvesting to converting them into opportunities. Our Leads Management System a comprehensive solution for across the industries like healthcare, insurance, travel, education etc.

Our leads management system offers the following features:

Marketing/Digital Agency management

  1. Unlimited Agencies
  2. Agency can import leads from CSV
  3. Track Leads status
  4. Unique tracking IP
  5. Automatic leads insertion from the landing page

Clients Management

  1. Unlimited Clients
  2. Unlimited filters for matching criteria
  3. Automatically leads push via API
  4. Export leads in CSV from Panel
  5. Automatic leads distribution
  6. Real-time leads distribution


  1. Automatic leads allocation on round robin basis
  2. View all allocated leads
  3. Push leads to matching clients
  4. Update leads status
  5. Click2Call


  1. Unlimited lead categories
  2. Unlimited cities
  3. Unlimited API integration
  4. OTP verification
  5. Reporting dashboard

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