Business Intelligence And Reporting Services

In the modern era, data is wealth. And for business enterprises, it is of utmost importance to have knowledge of their operations and the environment they operate. That is where we at Redian Software come in. We offer business intelligence services. Our portfolio is concentrated on more important and fundamental issues unlike the portfolios of most other services providers.

Our thirst for providing only the top quality service has to lead us to research what the most crucial layer of Business Intelligence is. The answer we found was fundamental data. And that is where our focus lies. We reach out to everyone involved with your business to collect all data that we deem essential to building a proper database. We leave no stone unturned during this process as we reach out to everyone from your Data Analysts to even your Customers.

Such intense data aggregation lets us build a very rich and broad database which would give you an excellent idea of what decisions you want to take. We try to extract more information from the database itself so that you have all the information you need at your disposal to make any decision regarding your business.

Here are some of the different business reporting tools we work with to create the kind of reports you desire:

Jasper Reports

It is one of most popular open source reporting engines in the world. This engine is entirely written in Java, and it helps to use data that comes from any source. With the help of this engine, we are also able to create documents that are just pixel-perfect. These reports can be exported to any format like HTML, Pdf, Excel, etc. according to your convenience.


At the heart of this engine is a patented software that allows the quick exploration of data by multiple users at a time. This tool is perfect for creating databases that are to be used by a large number of people.

Oracle BI

It is a fully integrated portfolio that combines different technologies and applications. A lot of different functions like data integration, data management, desktop integration, etc. can be done with the help of Oracle BI, thus enabling the creation of a very rich and informative database.


Tableau is famous for the visual analysis of data that can be done with the help of this engine. The engine facilitates the creation of charts and graphs which make it more easier for the users to understand the data than they would have done if it was in a textual form.

Power BI

Power BI enables the creation of interactive visual databases with self-service capabilities. You get to view very richly informative data in a very easy to understand form. We use the Power BI software to create some of the most accessible databases ever.

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